Mission Statement

Alpine House Mission Statement

We aim to deliver high quality care that is accessible to all our patients within an environment that is also caring and responsive to all.

We endeavour to deliver patient centred care and to treat patients with dignity and respect whilst ensuring all decisions made are based solely on the clinical need of the patient.

We will ensure that all clinical / non clinical staff are appropriately qualified, supported and kept upto date ensuring continued provision of good quality evidence based care.

We will undertake regular quality improvement audits , annual appraisals for all clinical/non clinical staff as well as annual health and safety checks of the premises and all its equipment.

We aspire to be forward looking, innovative and adaptive. We embrace the ever changing world of information technology ensuring that patient data is accessible to those in need of it with patient consent and that it is kept safe and secure.

We continue to adopt a collaborative approach working with all our staff, the Patient Participation Group and a number of neighbouring practices within our locality, hence adapting and responding to our patient needs.

We are fully aware that despite our best efforts, things do not always go according to plan. On these few occasions, a open and transparent approach is adopted and a speedy response concluded.

Any suggestions or feedback [positive or negative] is gratefully received.